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Start waves are necessary due to limited car parking at most of the handover points, which means it is necessary to control the flow of traffic.  Once start times have been allocated they will appear here.  Teams will also be notified by email in the lead up to the event.

Teams (Last updated 4/8/2017)

Wave Number Team Name Category
1000h 20 Naomi Milne (solo entry) NA
1000h 13 RebelPT' mixed
1000h 3 Tudors and the rose' mixed
1000h 8 The Waites' mixed
1000h 16 No Sleep Till Ellon' mixed
1030h 15 JSK Wifies' female
1030h 2 Orangey Goodness' mixed
1030h 11 Stonehaven Alley Cats' female
1030h 19 Trainspotting 5' mixed
1030h 18 Barmy Bobbies Red' mixed
1030h 10 Stonehaven Top Cats' female
1100h 7 Grampy Psychos' mixed
1100h 4 Barmy Bobbies Blue' mixed
1100h 21 Barmy Bobbies White' mixed
1100h 17 Off the rails' mixed
1100h 1 Former Thistle AllStars' male
1100h 12 First Class' mixed
1130h 6 Newburgh Dunes B' mixed
1130h 5 Newburgh Dunes A' mixed
1130h 14 WRRC RebelPT' male
1130h 9 Stonehaven Top Dogs' male